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Green Polyester And Cotton Waterproof Fabric

Our History
ChongQing 3533 Printing Dyeing and Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1966. The previous name was No.3533 factory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army .Our factory is professional manufacture of camouflage and dyeing fabric especially for domestic and abroad Army for more than 50 years .From 2017,in order to meet the market needs ,we start to make workwear fabric .
We have 500 staffs ,include 68 Engineering Technician .Our chemical office is in Chongqing City.Our new factory totally invest 500million ,cover an area of 500 mu(330000square meter) .
Our Factory
Now we have 4 set long continue dyeing lines and 3 set rotary printing lines. Have ability to printing and dyeing 6 million meters per month .
Our Product
--Camouflage fabric for domestic and abroad army
--Regular T/C ,CVC 100%C 3/1 2/1 twill,1/1 poplin fabric ,rib-stop ,canvas .N/C,TR and special fabric need to book .
--Functional treatment include :
Flame retardant ,UV protection,
Fade resistant, soil release,
Anti-chlorine, Anti-static, Anti-bacterial,
Dry and cool ,Teflon
Anti-mosquito, Anti acid and alkali
Wrinkle free
Product Application
Clothing Fabrics
Our Certificate
We own OEKO-TEX100 Certificate, ISO9001锛?008 Certificate of quality system ISO14001锛?004 Environmental management system certification .
Production Equipment
3 Dyeing Machines; 2 Rotary Printing Machine;2 Coating Machine;Calender Machine;Sunlight Test Machine;
Production Market
Our Fabrics are mainly export Europe銆丮iddle East銆丄frica and Russia Market.We export the Polyester and Cotton Dyeing products with three millions to Russia Market every year.
The peach polyester and cotton dyeing products with 2 millions to European market every year.And our production capacity with 5 millions per month for dyeing products and 4 millions for printing fabrics per month.
Our Service
We have a strictly products checking system, if you find there is a problem with your fabrics
that we sold you,we will timely solve your fabrics problems.Green Polyester And Cotton Waterproof Fabric
asked Mar 8, 2021 in Backpacking by andongzh (300 points)

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