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Titanium Rods And Bars factory

Name锛欰STM Titanium Gr2 Round Bar
Brands:Gr2 Round Bar
Specifications锛歊olling锛氾繝2.0-- 100mm脳 Length 1000-- 4000mm锛?Forging锛氾繝40-- 280mm脳 Length 1000-- 4000mm
State: Annealed state (M) Hot working state (R) cold working state (Y)
Surface: forged surface, rolled surface, smooth surface, polished surface

Chemical composition


Mechanical properties
Tensile strength: >240Mpa; Yield strength: >140Mpa;
Elongation after fracture: >24%; Reduction of section: >30%
Low power organization: qualified
Advantages: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistanceTitanium Rods And Bars factory
asked Feb 22, 2021 in Backpacking by yknelson (300 points)

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