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China AC/DC Motor suppliers

High performance vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor/Energy storage motor for VD4 mechanism/ZN12 mechanism/Special energy storage motor
Product information
Brand: Huaxing
Custom processing: Yes
Rated voltage: 110V, 220V
Product type: AC/DC motor
Certified product: CCC, ISO9001
Origin: Wuxi, China
Application: This product is suitable for dw16 DW15/dw17/DW45 series circuit breaker energy storage switch for vacuum circuit breakers, spring operating mechanism, VD4 mechanism, ZN12 mechanism and other special types of energy storage motor.
Our advantage:
We have a strong technical force, advanced production equipment and technology as well as a complete set of testing means. Our technology and service have occupied the leading national level. The motor produced can be a great resistance like surge current, corona, high-voltage transient and other unfavorable factors through our technicians' efforts, not only solving the problems like frequent failure, reliability and service life for the motor, but also lowering the maintenance cost. New products have been always being improved, designed and developed to satisfy customers' requirements. We've obtained patent products of private design and passed the National Safety Certification (CCEE) 1999 and CCC 2002 with CNAS certification issued. Good quality is an assurance for us to win the market, which must be supported by an effective system. Our factory has been established and certified by the ISO9001:2000 quality management system.
Energy storage motor technical parameters
Energy storage motor for ZN12(3AF) mechanism
Motor modelRated voltage (V)Rated power (W)Rated current (A)Rated speed (r/min)Work system (1min)
Energy storage motor for VD4 mechanism
Motor modelRated voltage (V)Rated power (W)Rated current (A)Rated speed (r/min)Work system (1min)
Special energy storage motor
Motor modelOriginal motor modelRated voltage (V)Rated power (W)Rated current (A)Rated speed (r/min)Work system (1min)
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various motors made in China. Please feel free to wholesale the high performance vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor/energy storage motor for vd4 mechanism/zn12 mechanism/special energy storage motor from our factory. And if you need, we will also offer the customized service with reasonable price.China AC/DC Motor suppliers
asked Mar 10, 2020 in Hiking by astao257 (300 points)

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