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Plastic Mat Manufacturing Machine for sale

PP mat machine
This pp mat machine is made by our company, which is widely used in automobile, bathroom, hotel and other common places. It is also the production equipment of our haoyuan plastic products factory, producing 70,000 pieces annually. It is the only company in the domestic industry (plastic machinery) that has its own plastic products factory. So the technology is comprehensive, the formulation is complete. Due to the high demand of the market, the company's production is far from enough to meet the market demand, so from 2008, the company has also sold the equipment without reservation, including technology.
This product features: anti-skid resistance, soft anti-slip mat, considerate of all aspects of your life, you can also tailor it according to your needs, its changeable shape and color meet your needs.
1. Spread under the middle and high grade carpet.
2. Protect the ground
3. Extend the service life of the carpet.
4. Random cropping
5. Easy to clean
The parameters of pp mat machine
The foot pad is a floor mat used in bathrooms or bathrooms to prevent people from falling in a slippery environment.
1. The foot feels comfortable, the friction force is large, the cushioning is good, the adhesive is solid, and the service life is long.
2. It is convenient to clean and the products have no smell and no harmful substances;
3. Strong wear resistance and no fading.
Material: high quality anti-skid PVC.
Product grade: qualified products.
Size: 61cm X 36cm.
Matters needing attention
Especially suitable for place on the bathroom floor tile, the ground is smooth, the more tight, if the ground is not flat or have dirt, the slippery effect will be greatly reduced. Mop the floor with a wet mop before use.Plastic Mat Manufacturing Machine for sale
asked Nov 25, 2019 in Backpacking by johnny123 (300 points)

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