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Hose Reel Combination price

Product Introduction
鉁?銆怘ose Pipe Holder銆?Keep your garden hose clean by storing it on our metal hose holder for easy access and confusion-free hose storage.
鉁?銆怢ight, compact銆?This garden hose reel is an excellent gardening aid. Hand closing tube, saves time and effort, folds the handle when not in use, lighter and more compact hose with integrated handle, easy to carry.
鉁?銆怢eak-proof design銆?Standard nipple plugs, longer life, not easy to leak.
鉁?銆怘ose stabilization銆?The structure of the water tube drum is stable, robust, rust and corrosion resistant. This garden hose reel is an excellent gardening aid.
鉁?銆怑asy to use銆?Convenient and easy way to unplug the water pipe after use and rewind it for storage. The mini size is easy to use for gardening and cleaning around the house.
Product Parameter(specification)
MATERIALPP+aliminium Tube
CAPACITY20m(1/2鈥? 15m(5/8鈥?
PACKAGEColor box/pcs3/8鈥?/p>
Production Details
Product descriptions
Inferior hose reel car is worse than not used
No hose reel trolley is used, but the water line is difficult to sort through. Using the wrong hose reel is more difficult! Traditional hose reel trolleys are made from recycled materials and simple processes. There have always been a lot of issues like water leakage, inflexible waves, instant falling apart and easy falling.
Long fear of metal rust?
Not all watercraft are of such inferior quality. Our water pipe brackets are made of a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is stable, hard and not easy to rust. Here we can guarantee that the quality is absolutely outstanding.
The hose reel is an ideal support for small to medium-sized gardens. The free-running crank makes operating the hose reel easy.
* Easy to store, just roll up the hose to keep the dirty hose clean and tidy.
* Hand operated handle and movable wheels make the garden easy to water.
* Lightweight design, convenient to carry.
* Equipped with a hand crank that allows you to easily organize the space-saving hose.
* Suitable for all hose types, can be used in the house, garden, street, greenhouse.
Product Images
Our Service
Company ProfileHose Reel Combination price
asked Feb 22, 2021 in Backpacking by yknelson (300 points)

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