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FATP Automation Solution manufacturers

Automation technology is a comprehensive technology. It has a very close relationship with cybernetics, information theory, systems engineering, computer technology, electronics, hydraulic pressure technology, automatic control, etc., and it also uses "control theory" and "computer." Technology has the greatest impact on automation technology. Some processes have been fully automated.
The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labor, and it can also be used to save energy and materials and improve quality, accuracy and precision.
Automation technology has been implemented in a variety of ways, typically in combination, including mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic, and computer. Complex systems, such as modern factories, airplanes and boats, typically use all of these combined technologies.
The earliest feedback control mechanism was used for windsurfing. It was patented by Edmund Lee in 1745.
In 1788, the Watt improved steam engine, humans began to enter the era of using machines. It maintains its own rotational speed by means of a centrifugal speed control. [2] This centrifugal speed governor is the world's first automated machine.
In the 1940s, through the efforts of American mathematician Wiener and others, cybernetics was generated on the basis of automatic regulation, computer, communication technology, bionics and other disciplines. This theory has a profound impact on automation technology. The feedback control principle proposed by Wiener is still an important law in control theory.
In the 1960s, with the advancement of complex industrial production processes, aviation and aerospace technologies, and socio-economic systems, the theory of automatic control was rapidly developed, and the level of automation technology was greatly improved. Two notable advances have been the widespread use of digital computers and the birth of modern control theory.
In the 21st century, automation technology entered the era of Computer-Automated Design (CAutoD).
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We have strict IPQC for the whole production procedures, our QC team has the strictly related QC procedure & execution to guarantee the product performance.
Because for patent for invention and design, in order to protect our trade secret, we will not show the exact solution details in public.
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FATP Automation Solution manufacturers
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