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I'm looking for the Spokane Centennial Trail map

Does anyone have a good map for the Centennial Trail near Spokane Washington
asked May 25, 2014 in Hiking by Jake
recategorized May 27, 2014 by sheltonm

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2 Answers

This is a prety good source:


Here is the map and the ledgend:

Centennial Trail Map

The red numbers on the map represent the Centennial Trail's milepost markers. To find the closest access point to a particular milepost, consult the list below. You may wish to consult a map of Spokane in order to determine the best route to that access point. Locations of restrooms and drinking water are also noted in the list.

Access Points and Amenities:

Milepost   1:   Parking, access, restrooms and water at I-90 exit 299
Milepost   4:   Parking and access on Harvard Road
Milepost   7:   Restrooms
Milepost 10:   Parking, access, restrooms and water at Sullivan Park
Milepost 11:   Parking, access, restrooms and water near Mirabeau Park
Milepost 16:   Parking, access, raft and canoe access at Boulder Beach
Milepost 18:   Parking, access, and restrooms on Upriver Drive
Milepost 20:   Parking on Greene Street
Milepost 21:   Parking, access, water and restrooms at Mission Park
Milepost 23:   Access, water and restrooms at Riverfront Park
Milepost 27:   Parking and access on Pettet Drive near George Wright Bridge
Milepost 28:   Parking, access, and restrooms at Military Cemetery
Milepost 31:   Parking and access on Aubrey White Parkway
Milepost 33:   Parking and access on Riverside Park Drive
Milepost 37:   Parking, access, water and restrooms at Sontag Park on Charles Road


answered May 25, 2014 by anonymous
As a Phoenician, I love visiting Santa Maria.  It is true   Santa Maria owns the brggiang rights to some of the best parks.  I love taking my grandkids to a clean, safe environment where the weather is always pleasant and the surroundings enjoyable.This author describes what can be found at Rotary Centennial Park in glowing terms   I would have to agree.
answered Jun 13, 2014 by Reymart