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Packaging Boxes

鈽匫ur History
Bai Sha was founded in 1992 by Yen Su Lin, who started the company with Hot Stamping service. We have now expanded our service into making paper packaging boxes, stickers, business cards, bags, posters, wedding invitation, books and other paper related products, etc. We strive to enhance our printing quality and create diverse products. Our goal has always been 銆嶦xcellent Quality, Good Service and Advance Innovation銆?/p>
鈽匫ur Factory
BAI SHA has devoted to packaging and printing for 28 years, owning 4 factories and 18 offices across Taiwan. We are passionate about providing our customers sustainable packaging and paper solutions. We have specialized in design, production and development of paper box, labels and printing for large and small business involved in various industries; furthermore, we are like a platform that share with our client a big data base which is collected from different industries. BAI SHA is always pioneer in printing industry and pursing the latest printing technique. Nowadays, we are the leader in Cold Foil and Varnish printing and keep integrating much high-end packaging technology.
鈽匫ur Product
Packaging boxes for high -end cosmetics and skincare products, Stickers/Labels, Booklet, Business card, Calendar, Flyer, envelopes, etc.
鈽匬roduct Application
Product secondary packaging, advertising, Marketing, Indication,
鈽匫ur Certificate
FSC, G7, ISO9001, Carbon Footprint,
鈽匬roduction Equipment
One stop Packaging boxes manufacturer
Paper cutting machine, offset plate making machine, offset printing machine, lamination machine, Hot stamping and embossing machine, Die cutting machine, Box glue machine
鈽匬roduction Market
Our product has exported over 10 countries all over the world, in addition, we make about 70 millions packaging boxes and take up 50% business cards market share in Taiwan.
鈽匫ur Service
We can provide different packaging choices for our customers from various industries. BAI SHA always pursues the best quality and cost-effective way.
We have long-term relationship with our customers in domestic and oversee market.Packaging Boxes
asked Mar 8, 2021 in Backpacking by andongzh (300 points)

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