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CPAP Accessories manufacturers

The CPAP nose pad is custom designed to fit a wide range of CPAP masks. when you wear a mask for a long time, the mask directly contacts your nose. If you wear it for a long time, it will damage your nose,so its need nose pad to protect your nose ,our nose pad use all materials is silicone ,it can effectively prevent mask direct contact your skin , except our packing nose pad is use seal plastic bag ,because silicone will turn yellow if exposed to air for a long time ,usually one plastic bag we put in 4pcs ,its can use long time .
Feature and Advantage
Wide Compatibility 鈥斺€擮ur CPAP nose pad is a unique accessory that makes your CPAP device a lot more comfortable to use. Our gel pads use a gentle adhesive that prevents them from budging, ensuring more support and reducing the risk of leakage.
Great Value 鈥斺€?The CPAP cushions can be reused. Even if it is washed daily, it will not affect its viscosity! We made detailed instructions in the packaging. We鈥檝e worked hard to provide you with a value-priced product that still works great. Normally can be used for up to 15 times without replacing them ,but we can use more 20pcs and price really lower
Universal size for most CPAP masks
IMPORTANT NOTE: Wash your face before use to prevent your skins natural oils from causing the pad to slip. And away from children ,when you not use its please put in seal plastic bag avoid its turn yellow
It鈥檚 suitable for all cpap mask
If there is any quality problem, we will refund it at any time
1.What materials do you need ?
A: we use silicone
2. Does this come in different sizes?
A: yes ,but usually we doing one size ,if you need other size we need charge surcharge fee .
3. Can i refund this nose pad if i not satisfied them ?
A: Yes ,It can be returned without affecting the second useCPAP Accessories manufacturers
asked Mar 2, 2021 in Camping by ttyu1006 (120 points)

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