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SCBA supplier

The YIBEI SCBA was designed for maritime and industrial environments as the ideal breathing apparatus for fire-fighting. This breathing apparatus is approved of DNVGL / SOLAS/MED. Delivering both reliable quality and competitive pricing. The mask鈥檚 positive pressure eliminates inward leakage of gases, vapours and liquids from the environment. To offer maximum safety, the high capacity regulator is equipped with a safety valve. In addition to this, an audible warning is placed on the chest. The alarm will be heard even under the noisy of conditions. Equipped with padded shoulders straps and easily adjustable hip belt buckles, the ergonomic harness provides comfort for users. This SCBA can be equipped with an integrated radio communication unit.
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
High impact resistance plastic for back plate.
Fire-retardant polyester for webbing of harness.
Bronze or stainless steel for valve and other metal parts.
Ergonomic designed harness and back plate.
Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap.
Carrying handle integrated.
First breath activation of positive pressure.
Good breathing performance.
Breathing valve is activated from inner mask.
Mask and breathing valve well designed, compact.
Audible alarm integrated and visible alarm available upon request.
Available with extra air connection.
The SCBA sets including head harness, pressure gauge, regulator, neck strap for mask, cylinder strap, breathing hose, buckle male for harness assembly, full face mask, composite or steel cylinder, user instruction, documents and suitcase.
There is 2 kinds of cylinders available for options:
1. composite cylinder, 6.8L 300bar fill with air;
2. steel cylinder, 6.0L 200bar fill with air, normally only used for boat.SCBA supplier
asked Feb 27, 2020 in Backpacking by lida9241 (300 points)

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