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Customized Observation Elevator

Product description of the High Quality Observation Elevator Exporter
Grand and luxurious.LD sightseeing elevator integrates elevator decoration and architectural style. The interior is exquisite and solid, the exterior changes are beautiful, and the combination of comfort, tranquility and speed passion gives each other unique personality and charm.Applicable projects: high-end business buildings, large office buildings, guesthouses, luxury apartments, hotels, shopping malls, etc.
Product Parameter (Specification) of the High Quality Observation Elevator Exporter
LED energy-saving lighting
LED lighting driven by dc is adopted as the lighting fixture in the sedan, with ultra-low power consumption and nearly 100% electro-optical power conversion. Under the same lighting effect, it can save more than 80% energy compared with the traditional light source.
Auto lighting in car
The use of automatic lighting technology in the car fully takes into account the needs of humanization, energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to ensure that the lamp is in the state of extinction and does not consume electric energy when no one is using it.When someone USES it, it automatically turns on, runs at low consumption and saves electricity.
Accurate position control system
Advanced sensors provide high-precision real-time signal feedback to the motion state of the motor rotor, realizing the positioning of the cage running in the well to the accuracy of millimeter, and realizing the flat layer with almost no error.Reliable car displacement memory technology ensures the elevator stops open ahead of time and the floor security function.
Door machine control system
The door control system of ti 'ao elevator adopts two control systems, one is controlled by the master controller of the control cabinet, the other is controlled by the main board of the sedan, which greatly reduces the phenomenon that the elevator is not open due to the failure of the door control system.
Screen protection
Ti 'ao elevator, using sensitive and dense infrared light screen, forms a light screen protection safety net at the door of the elevator. It can make sensitive response to any person or object entering its detection plane, with high safety performance and easy access.
Production Details of High Quality Observation Elevator Exporter
Shop floor display of High Quality Observation Elevator ExporterCustomized Observation Elevator
asked Feb 27, 2020 in Backpacking by lida9241 (300 points)

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