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Artificial Bonsai Trees suppliers

Our History
"Haihong Enterprise" was founded in 2004, a large enterprise of landscape which set the planning, design, development, production, sales, installation and service as a whole(we have our own right to export), there are: "Shanghai Yongzhou Haihong Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd. ", "Guangzhou Haihong Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. ", " Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Artificial Plant factory ", "Yongzhou Haihong Artificial Plant factory ",  "HongKong Haihong Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd. "etc under Haihong Enterprise.
Shanghai Haihong Factory Area
Guangzhou Haihong Factory Area
Yongzhou Haihong Factory Area
Our Factory
Currently Haihong enterprise covering a total area of over 80,000 square meters, there are more than one thousand total staffs, own the total assets over 250 million yuan, have customers from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Haihong enterprise is mainly developed to the design, manufacturing and installation of artificial landscape and garden, professional development and production of large-scale artificial trees and decorative silk pants, made exclusively for Hotels, Malls ,Water Parks and Theme Parks,Building, Republic Space,Government, Casinos, Office, Restaurants, and Commercial projects.
Our technology
Our company become the artificial plant industry pioneer that is because of our unique and innovative artistic style and exquisite production process, the products named artificial plants but have convincing natural looking, they are difficult to distinguish between the real plant and fake plant regardless of looking or touching. Our products won't be deform under snow pressure, won't be fastness under wind, rain, they are anti-aging, anti-oxidative, UV protection, fire resistant, and other aspects etc. Our aim is providing high quality, high simulation artificial plants and artificial trees, become the leader of the artificial plant industry.
Haihong Showroom
Production factory
Production Market
Haihong Enterprise has an excellent design team, the market information is our development foundation, to consider the views of customers seriously, we organize field trips to domestic and foreign large rain forest region, and constantly develop good and inexpensive selling products. Currently,our market ranked at the top of the industry, has an record of more than 3,000 impressive project cases.
In the domestic, there are Chinese World Expo Pavilion and China Pavilion, China Guangzhou Asian Games, Shanghai Disneyland, The Happy Valley, Hengda Real Estate Group, the WTO Real Estate Group, the new world of shopping malls, Asia's largest airport in Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the Sheraton Hotel Group, Howard Johnson International Hotel Group, the world's largest single building 2013 global "Fortune" Forum, the world's largest single building-Chengdu Global Center, Dalian Xiangzhou Hot Springs Park Water Park and and Xi 'an water rubik's cube.
 In the world, there are African Union conference center , the world's largest shopping mall-Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in India SHREE BALAJI AGORA MALL, the world's largest theme park in Dubai-the city of Arabia, ,Kobe seafront waterpark, Vietnam's largest water park, South Korea Gyeongju waterpark, Korea Pyongyang 100th anniversary of the museum and the Australian seaside resort and a series of artificial landscape project.
Our service
Besides our existing molded products, Haihong enterprise also can produce artificial plant products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing, we offer technical support that is second to none.
In addition to providing high quality artificial plants and artificial trees, Haihong enterprise provide turn-key plantscaping services to take your project from concept and design stages all the way through installation.
The customized maple tree of Shanghai Disney
Our technical staff is installation for the tree in Shanghai DisneyArtificial Bonsai Trees suppliers
asked Aug 9, 2019 in Backpacking by wszj222333 (300 points)

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